novem - data visualisation for coders

novem is a data visualisation platform for coders where the goal is to create beautiful charts, reports, e-mails and dashboards using a simple and easy to understand api.

We're currently in closed alpha, but if you're interested, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Install novem cli pip install novem Downloading novem-0.2.0-py3-none-any.whl (19 kB) Successfully installed novem-0.2.0 Configure novem novem --init novem_demo new token "novem-python-hostname-7mm80rkn" created and saved to ~/.config/novem/novem.conf Create chart, add data, set type to gbar and read url cat pop_data.csv | novem -p state_pop -C -t gbar -r url

Built for coders

Fast and easy to use

Novem grew out of our frustration with existing tooling and workflows. Creating relevant graphics involved too many tools, too much integration and far too complex code.

We built novem to make it easy! Novem is where your data is: in your spreadsheets, with your scripts, besides your database and on your server. Novem is built to be where you are productive.

To achieve this, novem is API-first. All interactions go through our API making it easy to automate and flexible to use. With novem, your research code is your production code.

Check out our library integrations or how to get started.

Create complex and informative layouts by combining building blocks such as plots, grids and documents.

Made for decision makers

Act with confidence

Novem is built by market practitioners who are used to making real world – time constrained decisions with imperfect information.

We know the value of having not just the latest data, but all the necessary context to make sure that we see the whole picture.

By streamlining the datavisualisation process you'll have up to date information in your inbox, on the wall, in the browser or ready to print by the time you need it.

Novem lets you and your team automate your information gathering, analysis, and reporting workflow, with one tool.

Follow the links and see what novem can do for you.

Created for everyone

Find your answers

With the advent of Generative AI and Large Language Models, working with computers is becoming easier than ever.

We've created an intelligent assistant - Minerva - that helps you work with, and understand, your data. Minerva let's you create beautiful charts and answer complex questions in a simple and intuitive way.

As your business build reports, documents, e-mails and charts, Minerva has access to all your knowledge and empowers collaboration across the organisation.

Try it out or read more.