Our goal is to streamline human-machine interaction

We build software that empowers human decision making and frees up time to think. Companies across Europe relies on our technology to make sense of the world and act in time.

Attention is the currency of the future

The world is moving ever faster, with a record numbers of data, messages, calls, transactions and global events being registered every day. In addition deadlines are getting tighter and consequences larger.

We think humans are unqiue in their ability to synthesize discrete information and see the big picture. However our attention is under constant attack, from companies fighting over our eye balls, to software requiring you to spend more time tweaking settings than solving problems.

Our goal is to create software that puts people first, that uses smart data and machine learning to deal with the details, so our users can focus on the big picture.

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Building a sustainable company

We commit to open standards, internet privacy, and fair wages.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. The protocols, standards, software, documentation and hard work done by millions of volenteers across the planet is what has allowed us to create our platform.

Unfortunately too little of the value generated in todays society go to the people doing the job and building the tools. Large companies create walled gardens and pull the latter up after themselves through regulatory capture and protocol subversion.

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Working at novem

We care deeply about technology and strongly believe in the unix philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well.

At Novem you’ll find an eclectic collection of tools, systems, languages, people and approaches. From C, GO and Rust to Python, Ruby and Node.

Love technology and design? Enjoy experimenting with new concepts and ideas? Join us and and help build the future of data visualization.

We offer a creative environment, competitive pay and challenging work.

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Contact and media enquiries

Novem is an Oslo based startup, founded in 2023, that develops data visualization, processing and reporting software.

We’ve built a code-first platform that lets users from all over the world view, interact with and present their information in a fully automated way.

We fundamentally believe that code is the best way to communicate with computers, which is why we create no-compromise, developer-centric software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question and you can’t find the answer here or in our documentation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What do you mean by ‘Data visualization for coders’

We believe that as people get more familiar with a subject, be it reading music sheets or programs, notations and patterns that might appears difficult to the uninitiated are extremely helpful for the professionals.

Our goal is to create a platform that is easy to use for those that speak the language, at the cost of ease of access to those that do not. It’s our belief that this will provide a better product in the long run.

The fastest growing demographic of coders today are generative AI models, and they also require tools to do their job most efficiently. A properly designed API taps in to the intuition pre-trained into their models, and makes the integrations more reliable and efficient.

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