This document gives you an overview on how to create novem e-mails.

Novem allows you to automatically create e-mails using our standard api. We make it easy to embed your charts, tables, grids and documents as well as manage your recipients.

Impatient? Check out our quick start guide and examples.


E-mails (or mails for short), like most other novem visuals follows the same hierarchical folder structure that you’re used to seeing. Mails are mostly similar to Documents in that it has a primary file content where most of the information for the mail is stored.

In addition to the content file, there are also supporting files and folders containing information such as recipients, attachments, configuration etc.

Below is an illustrative exmaple of an overall e-mail structure.

daily_email_summary      => E-mail Name
├── config               => Configuration options
│   ├── theme            => Color/logo theme for email
│   ├── template         => Layout template for email
│   ├── reply_to         => Add registered user e-mail as reply to
│   ├── size             => E-mail size S, M or L
│   ├── subject          => Subject line of e-mail
│   └── tbd              =>
├── recipients           => Who should recieve the e-mail
│   ├── to               => List of primary recpients
│   ├── cc               => List of cc recipients
│   └── bcc              => List of bcc recipients
├── content              => Content of e-mail
├── status               => Status of e-mail  Draft | Sendt
├── log                  =>
├── url                  =>
├── shortname            =>
├── description          => Description (meta)
├── summary              => Short summary of e-mail (meta)
├── name                 => Name (meta)
├── attachments          => Attachments to the e-mail
│   └── file_1           =>
└── shared               => Who can view the e-mail in thes web format
    ├── +org~group       => Shared with an org group
    ├── @username~group  => Shared with a user group
    └── public           => Shared with everyone

Creating an e-mail

Creating an e-mail is similar to other novem visuals, a HTTP PUT request to the https://api.novem.no/v1/vis/mails/MAIL_NAME endpoint. Obviously e-mails can be created using any of our libraries or our web page as well.

# this assumes that the novem client is installed in $PATH

cat text.md | novem \
  -m <name>                          \  # mail <name> to create or update
  -w recipients/to  user@example.com \  # recipient of the e-mail
  -C                                 \  # create the e-mail if it doesn't exist
  -S                                    # send the e-mail
from novem import Mail

mail = Mail('name')                     # create mail object

mail.to = "user@example.com"            # add recipient

with open('content.txt', 'r') as f:
    mail(f)                             # add content to mail