Learn how to add callouts to your e-mails

{{ callout                              # section type
  type: warn                            # type of callout
  desc: Warnings reported by our        # callout prefix 
        system                          # message
  border: dashed                        # callout border

We let our users generate helpful       # callout content can
callouts to display in their e-mails.   # be written using 
                                        # simple novem markdown
Currently supported are
 * Warnings
 * Errors
 * Information
 * And success

{{ /callout }}                          # callouts must be terminated
                                        # with the /callout section


Novem was built to make life easier for our users.

Including a callout


A novem callout is included in an e-mail by creating a special markdown section in the contet file. The markdown follows the novem markdown section syntax with the keyword callout, and example of which can be seen at the beginning of this page as well as in the examples section.





A simple notice

Adding border and descriptions

Changing color and style