Learn how to control paragraphs for your e-mails

{{ paragraph 
  font size: xs s m l xl xxl
  font style: s i r
  font align: l r c j

Markdown formatted text

{{ /paragraph }}


The novem paragraph section is a wrapper section that can be used to apply some generic style across several markdown elements.

In additon to the common paramters the paragraph also offers a set of additional format options in the form of size, style and alignment.


Options to the section is supplied as yaml within the double brackets.

Font Size

keyword: font size / sz
options: xs | s | m | l | xl | xxl

Font sizes can be supplied in the sizes from extra small to extra extra large and can be instructed by either using the keyword font size or sz for short.

The size instruciton is applied to all markdown elements supplied in the paragraph such as bullets and text.

Font Style

keyword: font style / st
options: s | strong | b | bold | i | italic | regular | r

Font styles applies a font-style to the paragraph in the form of either bold or italic text. The instructions can be combined with a space for applying multiple styles such as bold italic or b i.

Font Align

keyword: font align / al
options: l | left | r | right | c | center | j | justify

Font alignment work as expected, aligning the text left, right, center or justified.


Below are a few examples of how paragraphs can be used to create useful blocks of layout.

Stylized disclaimer text

{{ para
  sz: m
  st: b
  m: b4
  b: b1 gray-600
  fg:   gray-600
{{ /para }}

{{ para
  sz: s
  st: i
  al: l
  fg: gray-600
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id mollis sodales, nisi mi pretium magna, egestas tincidunt augue libero a
purus. Aliquam erat volutpat.
{{ /para }}