Changing your novem plot

The type is probably the most important option of your novem plot. In addition to controlling what other options you can set, the type also controls what kind of plot you want to render.

As all novem plots are live, the instant you change the type, the plot will update. If applicable, this will also trigger a render transition.


plot_name                       => Name
├── config                      => Configuration options
│   └── type                    => bar, sbar, gbar etc...

Key novem types

You’ll notice that the documentation for the novem plot is split into sections such as, Charts, Tables, Utils and Device.

These sections and their visuals might look different from each other, but they are all just novem plots. So if you wish, you can update the type of your plot to go from a barchart to a table or a calendar.

The reason for segmenting plots into the different category is a combination of logical grouping, shared configuration option or shared purpose.


The most common type of novem plots you’ll make is probably charts. Chart contains all the most common visuals such as bars, lines, areas, maps, pies, scatters etc.

An extensive effort has been made show helpful transitions when switching between plots in the chart category.


Tables have been placed in their own category as they share a lot of common options and formats. The novem slicing functionality is primarily developed for styling tables.


The utils section is the odd one out, containing useful plots that don’t really fit into the classic datavisualisation category. Here you can find things such as event feeds, calendars, clocks, ticker bars etc.


Finally we have the device category, these type of plots are only usable on the novem.tv. In the device category we have video streams, web views, terminals, screen sharing etc.