All your datavisualisation needs in one solution

Novem helps you make the relevant information stand out and be available when and where it's needed.


Create beautiful charts, straight from your database or programming language. With your branding and style.


Continue the journey by combining chart and text into documents, print ready and always live.


Get the latest information straight to your inbox, daily and in style. Share your insight with colleagues and friends.


Need to produce standardized documents at a high frequency, our platform let's you produce bespoke reports in seconds.


Want knowledge at a glance? Get our novem tv and see your data, charts, facts and news in an instant.


Host your own solution or use our online platform. Feel secure with no supply chain risk, hosted and developed in europe.


Novem charts are created with two goals in mind:

  • Easy to use
  • Look good

There is no doubt that modern decision makers requires more information, faster. In addition results are meassured on presentation as well as substance.

Novem charts are designed to integrate with the research process, so when your results are ready, so is your presentation.

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Creating a chart is just the first step. Novem let's you integrate your charts, text and illustrations with minimal effort.

Have your research report ready to go at the click of a button, automatically updated, with the latest numbers.

Create beautiful PDF reports, in your style and branding, ready for print. Automate the entire workflow with no human interaction.

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Not at your computer or don't have time to click through nested links?

Novem lets you create an e-mail just as easy as charts and documents. Run your analysis overnight and have the latest, up-to-date numbers, straight to your inbox.

Create fully automated e-mail alerts or research notes then share it with your friends and colleagues.

Enjoy e-mail first charts and tables that looks amazing and helps you focus on key facts.

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Tired of creating complex excel sheets or long word documents?

Got tens, hundreds or thousands of clients to report to?

Novem got a proven reporint platform that lets you create thousands of bespoke reports at the click of a button.

Adjust your style to individual customers or subsidiaries.

Build the reports yourself, get your IT team to do it, or contact novem for our consultancey services.

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Got a tv with no nothing to display?

Novem lets you create custom dashboards combining both your existing presentations and your novem charts.

Get up-to-date information at a glance, with live data, videos, news, alerts, calendars and events.

Take it to the next level with novem tv. Ready to connect to any screen and easy to control via the novem app or api.

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Worried about supply-chain risk or hosting data oustide your infrastructure?

Novem offer on-premise hosting, allowing you to keep all information stored on your servers, inside your infrastructure.

In addition, novem consists of open source and novem built software, no third parties or supply chain risk.

Novem data and software is hosted and built in europe.

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