Free yourself

The web offers numerous tools for creating beautiful dashboards, yet they often lack interoperability. Users are typically limited to predefined components, confining them to vendor-specific functionalities, with the output restricted to web pages.

We call this the dashboard prison.

At novem we wanted to solve this, so we built This linux-based hardware box allows you to combine all your dashboards, applications and knowledge in one location.

The novem approach

We believe in specialization — no single person or company can be the best at everything. The same can be said for visualizations and dashboards. All novem products are created to integrate with each other and be part of a larger eco-system. This also holds true for dashboards.

When developing the novem dashboard platform, our goal was to enable users to merge novem visuals with various information sources, such as newspapers, video streams, terminal outputs, or other data visualization platforms. To achieve this we had to step outside the limitations of a web browser and and adopt a broader perspective.

We are fortunate to be part of what we could call an SBC (Single Board Computer) revolution. These compact, modern mini-computers are becoming more accessible, offering powerful computing capabilities at an affordable price.

To create the ideal dashboard, we chose to empower our users with the full power of Linux. features an open-source Linux distribution that can be installed on your existing devices, or alternatively, you can acquire the hardware directly from us.

After booting up and registering the device, you can use the same libraries and utilities you use for creating all your other novem visuals to control the device.

Easily set up browsers, calendars, live streams, visuals and terminals by creating a novem grid. Control audio focus, layouts, aesthetics and styles at the press of a button.

Check out some examples →