Distraction-free thinking and decision making

At novem, we believe physical paper and hard copies continue to be highly relevant. They consolidate key information, along with supporting data and commentary, into a single, distraction-free location, serving as an invaluable tool for decision-making.

Unfortunately features like drill-down, hover, and pop-ups that function effectively on the web do not translate well to print. Our charts and visualizations are designed to adapt to their usage context, allowing you to create beautiful, print-ready reports in seconds.


The novem team consists of market practitioners with expertise in both coding and finance. A shared motivation for everyone has been the necessity to present information effectively and obtain buy-in from key stakeholders.

From experience, we have found that creating a presentation tends to take significantly more time than the research itself, necessitating the use of various additional tools and numerous manual steps.

Consequently, it can be particularly frustrating when a request for additional information arises. While updating the analysis is straightforward — simply by adding more data and a filter — updating the report tends to be a time-consuming task.

Novem documents were designed to address this challenge, allowing users to embed the charts they create during their research, directly into the final report.

They utilize straightforward and clean markdown for report composition, ensuring the final product is visually appealing, adheres to corporate styling and seamlessly converts to PDF or paper formats.

This integration allows users to iterate over the report. Any changes, re-runs, or updates in the analysis is instantly reflected in the document. Changing, re-running or updating the analysis instantly produces updates the document.

This entire process can be automated and scheduled on any server, utilizing the same tools and API available with other novem offerings. This streamlines the production of regular reports, whether they are daily, weekly or monthly.

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Look and feel

People naturally perceive professional looking documents as reliable and trustworthy, regardless of content. With this in mind we have spent a considerable effort on ensuring novem documents not only look professional and well designed, but can also be adapted across various use-cases.

Novem documents offer theming and set layouts. Novem documents currently support:

  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Fact sheets

Any theme supports both landscape or portrait modes along with a variety of border and decoration styles. If you have specific requirements, the novem design team can develop a custom theme tailored to your preferences.

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Not only can you embed novem charts and grids into novem documents, the documents themselves are also embeddable.

Embedded documents and visualizations adopt the style and themes of the embedding document. This enables you to leverage visualizations and documents created by other users and organizations.

This also enables the creation of documents owned by various organizational levels.

Imagine an investment organisation:

  • Portfolio managers produce reports for their portfolios.
  • Heads compile these reports into an aggregate document and add their own insights.
  • Global Heads incorporate the heads' reports into a broader document.

This streamlines the ownership of content and saves time by reducing the need to duplicate work and manage contributions across various documents.

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