Get your information before you need it

We love e-mail — for all its faults it's still a great tool. Every organisation and device supports it, and you can reach most people both personally and professionally. In addition it's a searchable archive of information, available offline, containing both text and images.

Novem allows you to easily create beautiful e-mails, containing tables, charts, text and visualisations. Have the latest data and charts availbale in your inbox when you wake up in the morning or create e-mail notifications with rich context, graphs and tables.

An old new world

E-mail has been around since the 70s, and while the core technology hasn't changed much, our usage and expectations certainly has. Modern e-mail clients present information in multiple form factors, both mobile and desktop, light or dark mode. In addition they allow multiple different views to be included in the same document, as plain text, rich text or HTML.

At novem we believe the best communication is one that not only gets the point across, but provides sufficient context for the recipient to understand how the point was derived. This often requires more than just text — we need charts and tables with structured and appealing layouts.

Unfortunately, for historical reasons, the technology behind e-mail and the web has diverged quite significantly in the last few years. This makes it difficult to leverage the same skills one might have for web design to create a good e-mail.

Novem Mail addresses modern e-mail challenges by enabling users to apply their existing knowledge of creating novem charts and documents to the composition of emails as well.

We've built an entire e-mail rendering and delivery infrastructure to make sure that our users can create fantastic looking e-mails, containing all their relevant research and information — in seconds. Some of the features include:

  • Dark mode support for text, tables and visuals
  • E-mail layouts and themes that can be changed at an instant
  • Fully automatable with no human interaction
  • Everything is embedded, no blocked remote content
  • Dedicated e-mail table visualisation for extra control

Check out some examples →