A meaningful conversation with your data

At novem, our goal is to streamline human-machine interaction, and the advent of generative AI has opened up new possibilities.

By integrating our world-class data visualization API with cutting-edge large language models, it is finally possible to have meaningful collaboration with a computer, without the need for writing code.

With our chatbot, Minerva, you get not only the creative freedom and total control of the novem API, but the ability to ask questions and collaborate on your data using natural language.

A step into the future

At novem we always strive to understand the world around us, and the enormous potential of creative machines has got us very excited.

With Minerva we're trying to give the superpower of coding to people who might not have had that experience before — the experience to meaningfully collaborate with a machine to solve your problems.

And while the Large Language Models are fantastic coders in their own right, creating an environment where the machines can access your information and create insightful visuals is difficult.

We seek to address this problem by combining the power of generative AI, the novem API and a controlled environment.

Minerva has a complete understanding of the novem API which means she can read your data and charts as well as create new ones. But Minerva can do so much more:

  • Write documents and reports
  • Create and send e-mail
  • Change novem.tv layouts and focus
  • Collaborate on chart design and highlights
  • Answer questions about the novem API

But safety comes first. We will never share any information with Minerva or third party providers unless you explicitly instruct it to. All novem access permissions and group sharing rules will always be enforced.

A real partner

With Minerva, the full power of the Novem API is at your fingertips and creating everything from charts to e-mails can be as easy as asking a question.

No need to navigate complex menus or nested folders, just ask Minerva and she'll search novem and find your information.

Minerva breaks down barriers and makes the power of Novem accessible to everyone in your organisation.

Meaningful Conversations

Enter the realm of meaningful data conversations, where Minerva engages with your queries and lets you ask open-ended questions about your data.

From nuanced inquiries to broad requests, Minerva dives into your data, fetching the relevant details, and returns with clear, insightful answers.

With Minerva, your data becomes more than just statistics and figures; it becomes a dynamic conversation. It's an entirely new way to interact with your information.

Check out an example →

Genuine Collaboration

Minerva takes you beyond mere data interaction into a realm of genuine collaboration.

With the capability to modify and enhance your underlying data, Minerva becomes an active participant in your data visualization and analysis process. Whether you need to add new columns, adjust values, or highlight specific elements in your chart, Minerva is ready to assist.

This collaborative approach to data interaction empowers you to create even more comprehensive and insightful visualizations.

With Minerva, you're not just working on your data, you're working with your data.