Create reports like never before

In addition to offering web, dashboard, mail and document output novem also has an industrial scale reporting engine.

When you are ready for the next step our reporting products lets you produce thousands of reports a second, with a 100% bespoke layout and dynamic content adaptation.

Reach the full potential of your client and stakeholder communication with novem reporting.

Mixed Layout

Mix and match your layout depending on your client, differentiate reporting on products and regions.

Dynamic adjustment

Novem reports will adjust padding and layout to maximize legibility and aesthetic.

Meta reporting

Manage your reporting pipeline, flag errors and monitor throughput in real time.

Developer access

Get low level developer access to the reporting process, give your team confidence and ability.

Self hosting

Place the entire reporting infrastructure on location, either in your own cloud or on your own hardware.


Get access to novem premium support and consultants, build your own reports or have it made to measure.

Pixel Perfect

At novem we know how frustrating it can be to format and structure data for presentation, our reporting framework is built bottom-up to make it easy.

We call it Pixel Perfect, and it's all about removing the tediousness from your reporting process. No more wrestling with layouts or color schemes; novem automates these tasks, allowing your focus to remain squarely on your data.

Each report is created with a uniform aesthetic and structure, ensuring consistency despite the changeable nature of your content. It's not just about presenting data—it's about perfecting it.

Drag the slider to compare different themes for the same report.

Easy To Change

With the ability to easily adjust styles and themes, you can instantly customize your reports to match the preferences of any audience.

This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about communication. Different people comprehend information differently. By presenting data in a format that's familiar and appealing to them, you increase its readability and ensure your message gets across more effectively.

In short, this flexible styling leads to better communication, ensuring your data is not just understood, but familiar.